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April 24, 2019

Foods That Improve Circulation. Benefic Vibes.

If you suffer from poor circulation you have more than likely experienced one or more of the following symptoms: swelling, aching, cramping, cold feet and hands, numbness, itching, headaches, dizziness and slower than usual wound healing. In my case, the most common symptom is the aching – especially if I am standing or sitting for extended periods. To help soothe the pain, I wear compression socks as often as possible.

I have recently been looking into which foods are known to improve circulation and blood flow, and I have come up with the following list which in part summarizes an article entitled GO WITH THE FLOW written by K. Erickson in Better Nutrition (see link at bottom of page):

Foods that are known to improve circulation include the following:

ORANGES: Oranges and other citrus fruits high in vitamin C are natural blood thinners and are said to strengthen capillary walls and prevent plaque build-up which leads to poor circulation.

AVOCADO: Contains heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants that support healthy arteries. A little goes a long way though…eat avocados in moderation because they are high in fat and calories. The recommended serving size is 1/3 of an avocado.

DARK CHOCOLATE: Loaded with flavonoids that help reduce blood pressure, dark chocolate also decreases LDL oxidation, and boosts endothelial function.

POMEGRANATE: During a study by the Preventative Medicine Research Institute and California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, pomegranate juice was found to increase blood flow 17 percent in just 90 days.

COLDWATER FISH: Offers a generous dose of omega-3 fatty acids that can tame systemic inflammation throughout the circulatory system and help prevent blood clots.

WALNUTS: Unlike other nuts, walnuts are rich in alpha-linolenic acid, as well as the amino acid L-arginine and vitamin E, which researchers say help to improve vascular flexibility and prevent harmful vascular blockage.

CAYENNE PEPPER: Cayenne Pepper has been associated with increasing metabolic rate and strengthening arteries and blood vessels. Cayenne Pepper is also known to boost metabolism so try adding a little to your honey and lemon tea the next time you are fighting off a bad cold.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS: Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are filled with vitamins and minerals and rich in vitamin E which is shown to help keep blood clots from forming. 

GINGER ROOT: Ginger increases blood circulation and it is known to help with nausea and digestion problems. Try adding a slice of ginger to a cup of hot tea.

GARLIC: Garlic cleanses the blood and helps prevent plaque build-up. Other foods such as radishes, onions and leeks are also good at stimulating blood flow.

I personally enjoy eating all of the above-mentioned foods (especially the dark chocolate!) so making a point of incorporating them into my daily food intake shouldn’t be very difficult. How about you? Which of these foods would be your favorites or least favorites? Have you heard of any other foods that improve circulation? Let me know!

Have a good day and take care,



GO WITH THE FLOW written by K. Erickson in Better Nutrition

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