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I'm Michèle – Welcome to Melo Compression!  

A few years ago I became aware of the numerous benefits associated with wearing compression socks. Around that same time, I was looking to start my own business. So I began researching the industry and booking meetings with local hosiery mills to ask questions about launching my own brand. Luckily for me, North Carolina has a well-established base of expertise in the hosiery sector. One thing led to another, and I am now the owner of this amazing brand!

If you haven't tried compression socks, I think you definitely should! Our socks are super soft and comfortable, and they are made right here in my home state of North Carolina.

Compression socks are beneficial if you travel frequently, work on your feet or spend long hours sitting at a desk, and they are commonly used by athletes to soothe tired muscles and reduce post-workout recovery time. 

Compression socks improve circulation, reduce swelling, and soothe tired and achy legs. I think they are awesome and I hope you will give them a try! 

Thank you for visiting our website and have a wonderful day!

Benefic was founded in Charlotte, NC in 2018.

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